Episode 1: “Next Stop, Collinsport!”

Dark Shadows_From the Beginning_opening


From the beginning, Dark Shadows lives up to its name. Full of mysterious characters with secrets to be kept, the debut episode, and the three that follow, is set during the nighttime, when a sense of foreboding pervades the deepest, when the ghosts of yesterday seem the most threatening, piercing the looming shades of darkness like the light of an oncoming train.

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Dark Shadows from the Beginning: Introduction

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Some of my earliest life memories revolve around television, and episodes of Dark Shadows as they were originally first broadcast are among these. I was born on a Monday in 1966, on the day Dark Shadows was taping its thirty-sixth episode. So I remember roughly the last year of the show. Some episodes I can recall in particular, but overall my memory is of general impressions: the stained glass windows over the landing of the Collinwood foyer, the drawing room, Christopher Pennock’s big ball of orange hair, the contours around Joan Bennett’s mouth, a man with dark hair being walled up with brick, the fresh mortar spilling over some of the bricks as the man stoically looks upon the darkened inner wall of his prison. And, of course, that daily intro with the waves and the rolling Gothic letters and the unmistakable music throughout. Such an early familiarity with something becomes second nature. For instance, no matter how much time has passed, whenever you get a glimpse of those stained glass windows atop the Collinwood foyer, whether in color or black and white, it almost feels like going home.

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