Dark Shadows from the Beginning is dedicated to a detailed and comprehensive study of the entire series, starting with the first 209 episodes otherwise known as the “pre-Barnabas era.”


Discover how Dark Shadows went on to become television’s first “horror soap opera” months before iconic vampire Barnabas Collins was even a glimmer in the mind of series creator and executive producer Dan Curtis.


Learn the many surprising facts about your favorite characters, storylines, and set locations as taken from source materials, including excerpts from the “series bible” Shadows on the Wall written by story creator and developer Art Wallace.


Visit the many innovative and unique set designs less often seen in later episodes, including the Evans cottage, Roger Collins’ office at the cannery, Burke Devlin’s room at Collinsport Inn, the Collinsport Inn restaurant (aka the coffee shop or diner), as well as several rooms and areas in and around Collinwood, in addition to all the location footage that makes Collinsport seem like an actual true to life town connecting the set locations in which the stories take place.


Dark Shadows from the Beginning celebrates the characters in all their depth and complexity as well as the talents of the actors who portray them, in addition to highlighting the often overlooked sense of humor inherent in the writing.


So step into the diner and pull up a stool at the counter, the Collinsport Inn restaurant is open for business — the coffee’s hot, and it’s strong!


— Marc Masse

(aka PrisoneroftheNight)


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