Dark Shadows from the Beginning Interlude: Hidden Audio

It has come to this reviewer’s attention that a slanderous attack has recently been made against this blog during an audio broadcast in which some of the content relating to background audio as reported here in previous posts, involving the off-stage behavior of a short-lived Dark Shadows cast member, has been called into question.


Not only this, but your faithful and dedicated reviewer has been accused of “perpetrating” against said cast member “salacious rumors” based on “imaginary discussions between two people,” etc. Fortunately for the folks participating in this broadcast, they declined to mention this reviewer or this blog by name – otherwise they would each be met with prompt and vigorous litigation addressing their slanderous allegations.


This blog is neither lewd nor is it a rumor mill – and besides, I can produce the audio files to prove that what took place in the Dark Shadows television studio in the summer of 1966 is indeed fact and not fiction.


Here’s a little sample…


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